HOLT O’BRIEN ( Est. 2017)  is an Oslo based research and design studio consisting of Betina Holt Haraldsen and Colm O’Brien.  With an in depth knowledge of both town planning and detail construction work, we can offer a wide of range services in the field of architecture, landscape and urbanism.





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Betina has extensive experience with complex urban plans and strategies from  working with the Planning Department in Oslo. Over the past 4 years she has worked closely with the new development area of Hovinbyen in Oslo. In 2016 she implemented, with a network of European Public Planners, how the public sector can collaborate with the private sector in Hovinbyen to co-create innovative pilot projects within urbanism and architecture.

Betina holds a Masters degree in Architecture from Aarhus school of Architecture, part of which included an International Masters in Urbanism in Brussels. Before settling in Oslo she worked with architecture and urbanism in New York, London and Basel.

Betina is passionate about healthy community design, and has been heavily involved in promoting bicycle infrastructure in Oslo, both by practice, teaching, and social engagement.




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Before starting Holt O`Brien in  2017, Colm worked with Ola Roald Arkitektur. Colm had the role of project architect on Campus Evenstad, completed in December 2016. The project, through innovative energy solutions and careful choice of carbon low and locally sourced materials, was awarded a ZEBCOM rating, the first of its kind in Norway, and the Hedmark and Oppland Timber Award 2017.

Colm graduated from Aarhus Arkitekskolen and before moving to Norway worked at Herzog de Meuron in Switzerland and at Transform in Denmark. Colm has also taught architecture at a number of schools over the past 5 years including  a design studio in the Arkitekturhøyskolen Oslo with a focus on high density low rise dwelling in timber. 

While working at Ola Roald Arkitekur Colm developed a keen interest in the roles architecture and urbanism play in catering for an aging community. 


We have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with the talented De Gayardon Bureau, a landscape and urbanism office based in Italy. Check out some more of the work we have produced together at http://www.degayardonbureau.com/

Visit us at our office at Myntgata 2, 0151 Oslo!

Mail address: Jens Bjelkes Gate 39A, 0578 Oslo