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12/2018 OPEN call: Wildcard exhibition Arkitektenes hus

This is an open call to all Norwegian Wildcard offices to participate in an exhibition, which will take place at Arkitektenes Hus, Josefines Gate Oslo on the 24th of January. The exhibition will coincide with the launch of the OAF Spring Lecture Series at Arkitektenes Hus. The exhibition is a way to gain more publicity for the wildcard scheme, the individual offices participating and also to make Arkitektenes Hus more a home for architects .The exhibition is being designed, curated and built as a collaboration between the OAF Program Committee, Holt O'Brien and Svingen Arkitektkontor. If you are interested in participating contact Colm at for more info.


09/2018 UNBUILT House:  Exhibition OPening

Welcome you to the opening of the UNBUILT HOUSE Exhibition! Come along and and meet the wildcard offices exhibiting their unbuilt work.
About the Exhibition: Holt O’Brien AS & Svingen Arkitektkontor AS have organised and designed an exhibition called the UNBUILT HOUSE as part of Oslo Open House this year. The exhibition will show the work of young architecture offices. It consists of a collection of models of projects that because of some external factors will never be built. The exhibition aims to show all the buildings that will never be a part of Open House but are still vitally important as part of the development of architectural practise.


06/2018  Kanalby = Knallby

Holt O'Brien wins prize in Gjøvik! Holt O'Brien with the talented De Gayardon Bureau have been awarded 2nd prize in the open international competition for the development of Huntonstranda, Gjøvik. Our project focused on solving the real infrastructural, flooding and urban development issues of the site while also creating a new varied and exciting part of Gjøvik. We are incredibly proud of our submission and look forward to its development with Gjøvik kommune!

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04/2018 Hello Henrik!

Holt O'Brien with Gattaca, De Gayardon Bureau and AP+E have have been chosen as the wildcard team in the upcoming parallel commission for the new Henrik Ibsen Library in Skien, we're very excited to get working on this!!


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